Isolation of Meiocytes and Cytological Analyses of Male Meiotic Chromosomes in Soybean, Lettuce, and Maize

Cong Wang, Xiang Li, Jiyue Huang, Hong Ma, Chung Ju Rachel Wang, Yingxiang Wang

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Meiosis is a specialized cell division that halves the number of chromosomes following a single round of DNA replication, thus leading to the generation of haploid gametes. It is essential for sexual reproduction in eukaryotes. Over the past several decades, with the well-developed molecular and cytogenetic methods, there have been great advances in understanding meiosis in plants such as Arabidopsis thaliana and maize, providing excellent references to study meiosis in other plants. A chapter in the previous edition described molecular cytological methods for studying Arabidopsis meiosis in detail. In this chapter, we focus on methods for studying meiosis in soybean (Glycine max), lettuce (Lactuca sativa), and maize (Zea mays). Moreover, we include the method that was recently developed for examination of epigenetic modifications, such as DNA methylation and histone modifications on meiotic chromosomes in plants.

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StatePublished - 2023

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