Lesson plans for google search specificity

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A seven-step plan for teaching how to make Google searches specific, complete with sample searches, analogies, memory aids, and activities is presented. People must be reminded that the Boolean AND is implicit when entering multiple terms. They must use the + operator to ensure that Google finds the exact keyword. Remind people to use the - operator to keep Google from being confused by homonyms, words pronounced or spelled alike but with different meanings. User should use keywords that describe the type of information you want in addition to the topic. Google has many limiters that can be used in the simple search screen. One way to help patrons remember these limiters is through the Seven C's memory aid, colon-based searches, conversions, cross-directory, checking spellings, cartographic facts, and collected other stuffs. Google's 'Search within a site or domain' field within the Advanced Search screen allows to drill into a specific site.

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StatePublished - May 2011

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