Lifetime Prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence and Health-Related Outcomes among Transgender Adults Aged 50 and Older

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Background and Objectives: Intimate partner violence (IPV) has been linked with poor health among young transgender adults, and cisgender lesbian, gay, bisexual (LGB), and heterosexual adults aged 50 years and older. The objective was to examine lifetime prevalence of IPV and its association with health, among transgender adults aged 50 and older. Consistent with the Gender Minority Stress Framework, any IPV was hypothesized to be associated with worse health. Research Design and Methods: Responses from 3,462, transgender adults aged 50 and older from the 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey were assessed for lifetime IPV and type. Logistic regression analyses, adjusted for demographic characteristics, examined the association between any IPV and substance use, and mental and general health measures. Results: 57% of respondents reported any lifetime IPV, including transgender-specific (41%), physical (36%), psychological (29%), severe physical (24%), stalking (12%), and sexual (10%) abuse. Given any, compared to no, experience of IPV, the odds of having a disability (adjusted odds ratio [AOR] = 1.21, confidence interval [CI] = 1.00-1.46) and rating current health more negatively (AOR = 1.17, CI = 1.08-1.26); smoking (AOR = 1.31, CI = 1.08-1.58) and qualifying for screening for serious mental illness (AOR = 1.32, CI = 1.04-1.66) within the last month; and ever using drugs (AOR = 1.42, CI = 1.22-1.65) and attempting suicide (AOR = 1.98, CI = 1.66-2.46) were significantly higher; only binge drinking was unrelated to IPV. Discussion and Implications: More than half of the respondents experienced IPV, with trans-specific IPV reported most commonly. Lifetime prevalence of any IPV was significantly associated with worse health. Recommendations include health surveillance that recognizes gender identity, and longitudinal study and routine screening of IPV, including trans-specific abuse, among transgender adults aged 50 and older.

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