Light positioning system (LPS)

Mohsen Kavehrad, Weizhi Zhang

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One of the most promising applications of visible light communication is indoor positioning, also referred to as indoor localization. Indoor positioning has many applications in real life. For instance, the development of this technique will make possible accurate location-based services (LBS), which have increased dramatically together with the popularization of mobile computing devices such as smart phones and tablets. Therefore, it is increasingly attracting researchers’ interest. Current research on visible light communication (VLC) technology has provided a new approach to commercial high-quality indoor positioning systems. Through this chapter, we first list all the applications, investigate current access to the radio spectrum, and cover the merits of shifting the needs of indoor positioning to the visible light spectrum. A survey of VLC-based indoor positioning techniques and related works follows. Finally, challenges and potential solutions are discussed. Indoor positioning and merits of using light Indoor positioning is a key technology which can be beneficial for many industries and customers (Fig. 4.1). These include location sensing and management of products inside large warehouses, indoor navigation services for pedestrians inside large buildings such as museums and shopping malls, location-based services (LBS) and advertisements for consumers etc. According to a report by the Federal Communications Commission in 2012, most research agrees that the location-based services market will be tripled by 2015 compared to its size in 2012. The report also stated that Foursquare, a location-based social networking company, had 10 million users, but this has been increasing since then and was 40 million in 2013.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2015

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