Literary Attestation in Philosophy: Heidegger’s Footnote on Tolstoy’s ‘The Death of Ivan Ilyich’

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Tolstoy’s name appears only once in Heidegger’s published writings. He is named in a footnote to the discussion of Being-towards-death to be found in the first chapter of the second division of Being and Time. The footnote reads, ‘L.N. Tolstoi hat in seiner Erzahlung “Der Tod des Iwan Iljitsch” das Phanomen der Erschiitterung and des Zusammenbruchs dieses “man stirbt” dargestellt.' Macquarrie and Robinson provide the following translation: ‘In his story “The Death of Ivan Ilyitch” Leo Tolstoi has presented the phenomenon of the disruption and breakdown of having “someone die”' (SZ, p. 254). The footnote seems straightforward enough. It would appear to invite a reading of Tolstoy’s story which would serve to illustrate Heidegger’s account of the phenomenon of everyday Being-towardsdeath.

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