Loss of lubrication testing

M. Kozachyn, S. McIntyre, M. Robuck, A. Isaacson, V. Sahay

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'Loss of Lube' testing was conducted to experimentally evaluate benefits of Lubricants and Coatings to extend the time to failure for gears and bearings that are experiencing a loss of lubrication event. In this project, the testing of Loss of Lubrication technologies were divided into two categories; Ball-on-Disk screening testing and Gear Specimen Testing. The Ball-on-Disk screening tests were performed at Wedeven Associates using their patented WAM testing apparatus. The screening tests were divided into three 'waves' of testing which consisted of lubricant tests (Wave 1), coating tests (Wave 2) and lubricant-coating refinement testing (Wave 3). Wave 3 testing used the best performing lubricants and coatings from Wave 1 and Wave 2, respectively, to establish consistent results and identify any potential anomalous results from the first two waves of screening testing. The second portion of this study was to perform actual loss of lubrication testing on spur gears at Penn State's Gear Research Institute. Using the data obtained from the Ball-on-Disk screening tests, 3.5\ PD spur gears of various base material steels were fabricated, many of them with coated teeth, and subjected to loss of lubrication conditions under load to assess their ability to perform without proper lubrication. Copyright \ 2018 by AHS International, Inc. All rights reserved.
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - 2018


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