Metastin and its variant forms suppress migration of pancreatic cancer cells

Toshihiko Masui, Ryuichiro Doi, Tomohiko Mori, Eiji Toyoda, Masayuki Koizumi, Kazuhiro Kami, Daisuke Ito, Stephen C. Peiper, James R. Broach, Shinya Oishi, Ayumu Niida, Nobutaka Fujii, Masayuki Imamura

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Metastin, a post-translationally modified variant of KiSS1, was recently identified as an endogenous peptide agonist for a novel G-protein coupled receptor, hOT7T175 (AXOR12, GPR54). In this study, we analyzed the role of KiSS1 and hOT7T175 in both pancreatic cancer tissues and pancreatic cancer cell lines. Furthermore, we synthesized novel short variant forms of metastin and tested the inhibitory effect of those variants on in vitro cell functions that are relevant to metastasis. Pancreatic cancer tissues showed significantly lower expression of KiSS1 mRNA than normal tissues (p=0.018), while cancer tissues showed significantly higher expression of hOT7T175 mRNA than normal pancreatic tissues (p=0.027). In human pancreatic cancer cell lines, KiSS1 mRNA was highly expressed in 2 out of 6 pancreatic cancer cell lines, while hOT7T175 mRNA was expressed in all cell lines at various degrees. PANC-1 cells showed the highest expression of hOT7T175. Exogenous metastin did not suppress cell proliferation but significantly reduced the in vitro migration of PANC-1 cells (p<0.01). Metastin induced activation of ERK1 in PANC-1 and AsPC-1 cells. Finally, we synthesized 3 novel short variant forms of metastin, FM053a2TFA, FM059a2TFA, and FM052a4TFA. These metastin variants significantly suppressed the migration of PANC-1 cells and activated ERK1. These data suggest that the metastin receptor, hOT7T175, is one of the promising targets for suppression of metastasis, and that small metastin variants could be an anti-metastatic agent to pancreatic cancer.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)85-92
Number of pages8
JournalBiochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
Issue number1
StatePublished - Feb 27 2004

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