Microwave-hydrothermal synthesis of barium titanate under stirring condition

Sridhar Komarneni, Hiroaki Katsuki

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The role of in situ stirring under microwave-hydrothermal (M-H) conditions on the synthesis of barium titanate was investigated for the first time by powder X-ray diffraction and scanning and transmission electron microscopy. Stirring under M-H conditions in the temperature range of 150-200 °C led to enhanced crystallization of Ba titanate as revealed by yields compared to the static condition. In addition, stirring led to smaller and more uniform crystals under M-H conditions compared to those crystallized without stirring. Powder X-ray diffraction revealed the formation of only cubic polymorph of Ba titanate at or below 200 °C in 4 h with or without in situ stirring under M-H conditions. These results show that stirring is an important parameter during M-H synthesis of nanophase Ba titanate.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1165-1169
Number of pages5
JournalCeramics International
Issue number3
StatePublished - Apr 2010

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  • Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials
  • Ceramics and Composites
  • Process Chemistry and Technology
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