Newborn Plasma Glucose Concentration Nadirs by Gestational-Age Group

Jeffrey R. Kaiser, Shasha Bai, Paul J. Rozance

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Background: The glucose concentrations and times to nadir for newborns of all gestational ages when intrapartum glucose-containing solutions are not routinely provided are unknown. Objective: To characterize and compare patterns of initial glucose concentration nadirs by gestational-age groups. Methods: A cross-sectional cohort study of 1,366 newborns born in 1998 at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, appropriate for gestational age, nonasphyxiated, nonpolycythemic, and not infants of diabetic mothers, were included. Initial plasma glucose concentrations, before intravenous fluids or feedings, were plotted against time after birth for 4 gestational-age groups (full term [FT], ≥37-42 weeks; late preterm [LPT], ≥34 and < 37 weeks; preterm [PT], ≥28 and < 34 weeks; and extremely low gestational age newborns [ELGAN], 23 and < 28 weeks of gestation). Results: ELGAN had the earliest nadir at 61 ± 4 min, followed by PT newborns (71 ± 2 min), and then LPT and FT newborns at 92-93 min. The time to nadir for ELGAN and PT newborns was significantly earlier than for FT newborns. Glucose nadir concentrations for ELGAN, PT, and LPT newborns were significantly lower than for FT newborns. LPT newborns' pattern of glucose paralleled those of FT newborns, with values approximately 5-6 mg/dL lower during the first 3 h. Conclusion: Plasma glucose nadirs occurred at different times among gestational-age groups during the early postnatal period as follows: ELGAN < PT < LPT ≈ FT. In order to potentially prevent low glucose concentrations at the time of the nadir, exogenous glucose should be provided to all newborns as soon as possible after birth.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)353-359
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Issue number4
StatePublished - May 1 2018

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