Nonverbal and multimodal manifestations of metaphors and metonymies: A case study

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This paper intends to analyze, within the cognitive linguistic paradigm, the nonverbal and multimodal manifestations of metaphors and metonymies in an educational commercial screened on China Central Television (CCTV). Specifically, it shows how two major conceptual metaphors, LIFE IS A JOURNEY and LIFE IS A STAGE, are manifested in dynamic visual and aural, as well as verbal, discourse. The various visual, aural and verbal elements are interactive with and dependent upon each other when they combine into a "conceptual blend" with "input spaces" in visual, aural and verbal modes. This blend contains conspicuous juxtapositions of various kinds, simultaneous or sequential, which cast in relief the unity and contrast between the Chinese and the Western, between thought and action, between primitivity and modernity, and between tradition and innovation. They all contribute to the central theme of the commercial that China, thanks to a motivation for change that originates in her "heart," has been undergoing the process of modernization and globalization while retaining her cultural identity.

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StatePublished - Sep 4 2009

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