Of new media influence on social and political change in Africa: Introspects, retrospectives and futuristic challenges

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This summative chapter synthesizes a few of the 26 contributors' solo and interconnected presentations and lays out the ideas and propositions therein in a way that a single author of a book would have done. To achieve these objectives the chapter draws readers' attention to the conceptual and practical evidences that scholars-whose joint efforts have helped us put this book together-employed in their treatment of a hydra-headed issue with multi-dimensional questions. The intent is to present readers with some, of many possible dimensions, from which to appraise the chapters in this book. To this end, thematic categories are employed and efforts made to underscore consistencies and inconsistencies between authors' propositions. The chapter also includes suggestions of areas needing further inquiries as those pointers may help scholars sustain an ongoing conversation about the evolving issues addressed in this volume.

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Title of host publicationNew Media Influence on Social and Political Change in Africa
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StatePublished - Jun 30 2013

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