One Feature—One Head: Features as Functional Heads in Language Acquisition and Attrition

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This chapter explores the ramifications of envisaging an architecture of syntax in which each functional projection (head) consists of only one singleton feature. Following Kayne, (2005), I refer to this as the One Feature—One Head (1F1H) architecture. Beyond providing a sketch of the core desiderata associated with this architecture, I discuss how L1 and L2 acquisition would take place within the 1F1H-architecture, demonstrating that analyses undertaken in the Feature Reassembly-model can be directly subsumed into this architecture in a straightforward and conceptually appealing way. Finally, I turn my attention to language attrition, addressing how the 1F1H-architecture adopts a version of Scontras et al.’s, (2018) call for representational economy in the grammatical representations of languages affected by attrition (see also Putnam et al., 2019).

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StatePublished - 2020

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