Optimisation and characteristics of a sailwing windmill rotor. Final Report.

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Within this fourth and final quarter progress report are comprehensively discussed all of the research efforts undertaken by the Princeton windmill group over the past year. This includes a detailed accounting of the deveopment and operational techniques of the Princeton moving-vehicle windmill testing facility. Also presented is a complete documentation of the performance build -up (CPmax equals .06 to CPmax equals .40) of a 12ft. diameter two-bladed Sailwing rotor. This report further includes an examination of an exploratory research effort directed toward using a small, first-stage, co-axial rotor to augment windmill performance. Finally considered are the results and conclusions of an extensive wind-tunnel test program aimed at a quantitative determination of the aerodynamic penalties associated with numerous simplifications of the basic double-membraned Sailwing cross-section. (A)(Microfiche)

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StatePublished - Jan 1 1976

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