Optimization of a technology-supported physical activity intervention for breast cancer survivors: Fit2Thrive study protocol

Siobhan M. Phillips, Linda M. Collins, Frank J. Penedo, Kerry S. Courneya, Whitney Welch, Alison Cottrell, Gillian R. Lloyd, Kara Gavin, David Cella, Ronald T. Ackermann, Juned Siddique, Bonnie Spring

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Fit2Thrive is a theory-guided physical activity promotion trial using the Multiphase Optimization Strategy (MOST) to test efficacy for improving physical activity of five technology-supported physical activity promotion intervention components among breast cancer survivors. This trial will recruit 256 inactive breast cancer survivors nationwide. All participants will receive the core intervention which includes a Fitbit and standard self-monitoring Fit2Thrive smartphone application which will be downloaded to their personal phone. Women will be randomized to one of 32 conditions in a factorial design involving five factors with two levels: support calls (No vs. Yes), app type (standard vs. deluxe), text messaging (No vs. Yes), online gym (No vs. Yes) and Fitbit Buddy (No vs. Yes). The proposed trial examines the effects of the components on physical activity at 12 and 24 weeks. Results will support the selection of a final package of intervention components that has been optimized to maximize physical activity and is subject to an upper limit of cost. The optimized intervention will be tested in a future trial. Fit2Thrive is the first trial to use the MOST framework to develop and test a physical activity promotion intervention in breast cancer survivors and will lead to an improved understanding of how to effectively change survivors' physical activity. These findings could result in more scalable, effective physical activity interventions for breast cancer survivors, and, ultimately, improve health and disease outcomes.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)9-19
Number of pages11
JournalContemporary Clinical Trials
StatePublished - Mar 2018

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  • Pharmacology (medical)


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