Parallel and Diverging Paths: Hong Kong Higher Education and Ruth Hayhoe

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Many universalists—humanists and monotheists alike—favor a common narrative template, one that Joseph Campell called the “mono-myth.” Many of us are drawn, like moths drawn to light, by the clarity of a universal archetype: journey out, journey home. Ideal protagonists return enlightened, and eventually they also enlighten their brethren with the journey’s song. At least, that is one ideal. In fact, however, many real lives look and are played only forward and not backward; despite the appeal of the return, there may be simply a journey out toward a new world. This template offers a less-reassuring myth. The worry over whether our path goes in any consistent direction, or toward what could be called individual “growth” or collective “progress” is, of course, a central dilemma both in world literature and psychosocial development.

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