Parallel Stitching of 2D Materials

Xi Ling, Yuxuan Lin, Qiong Ma, Ziqiang Wang, Yi Song, Lili Yu, Shengxi Huang, Wenjing Fang, Xu Zhang, Allen L. Hsu, Yaqing Bie, Yi Hsien Lee, Yimei Zhu, Lijun Wu, Ju Li, Pablo Jarillo-Herrero, Mildred Dresselhaus, Tomás Palacios, Jing Kong

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

197 Scopus citations
Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2322-2329
Number of pages8
JournalAdvanced Materials
Issue number12
StatePublished - Mar 2016

All Science Journal Classification (ASJC) codes

  • General Materials Science
  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Mechanical Engineering

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