Pennsylvania statewide bell pepper cultivar evaluation

Elsa S. Sánchez, Thomas M. Butzler, Steven M. Bogash, Timothy E. Elkner, R. Eric Oesterling, Michael D. Orzolek, Lee J. Stivers

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Sixteen cultivars of green bell peppers (Capsicum annuum) were evaluated on the basis of yield in three locations across Pennsylvania during the growing seasons of 2008-09. Cultivars were evaluated in comparison with the cultivar Paladin. In central Pennsylvania, all the cultivars trialed had marketable yields (based on weight) not different than 'Paladin' except 'Lynx', 'Socrates', and 'Escape'. In terms of fruit number, all cultivars were not different than 'Paladin' except 'Socrates'. For large-sized fruit, all the cultivars trialed are recommended. In southeastern Pennsylvania, all the cultivars trialed except SP-05-47 had marketable yields not different than 'Paladin'. For large-sized fruit, 'Revolution' outperformed all other cultivars, including 'Paladin'. In southwestern Pennsylvania, all the cultivars trialed except Lynx and SP-05-47 produced comparable marketable yields to 'Paladin'. None of the cultivars evaluated, including Paladin, consistently outperformed Revolution in terms of large fruit. Statewide, all the cultivars, except Lynx and SP-05-47, are recommended on the basis of marketable yields. For growers looking for large-sized fruit to meet market demand the cultivar Revolution is recommended over 'Paladin'.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)384-390
Number of pages7
Issue number3
StatePublished - Jun 2011

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