Perceptions of the community on the pricing of community mental health services

J. R. Ogden, Denise T. Ogden

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In the past few years there has been a decrease in governmental support of Community Mental Health centers. Because of this, there has been some concern, on the part of Community Mental Health professionals, as to the overall impact of this decreased governmental support. Research hs been conducted that speculates on how best to handle this mini-crisis. One article suggests moving to an overall marketing approach to help combat this dollar support decline (Day and Ford 1988). Others provide methods for surveying Community Mental health users (Ludke, Curry and Saywell 1983). William Winston (1988) suggests an overall psychographic segmentation approach to developing market targets. There has also been research detailing promotional methods for expanded marketing coverage (Moldenhauer 1988), however little has been written defining the pricing impact on Community Mental health services. This study addresses the perceptions of Community Mental Health Center users toward the price variable of the marketing mix.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)37-40
Number of pages4
JournalHealth Marketing Quarterly
Issue number3-4
StatePublished - Jan 1 1992

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