Peripheral-blood stem cells versus bone marrow from unrelated donors

Claudio Anasetti, Brent R. Logan, Stephanie J. Lee, Edmund K. Waller, Daniel J. Weisdorf, John R. Wingard, Corey S. Cutler, Peter Westervelt, Ann Woolfrey, Stephen Couban, Gerhard Ehninger, Laura Johnston, Richard T. Maziarz, Michael A. Pulsipher, David L. Porter, Shin Mineishi, John M. McCarty, Shakila P. Khan, Paolo Anderlini, William I. BensingerSusan F. Leitman, Scott D. Rowley, Christopher Bredeson, Shelly L. Carter, Mary M. Horowitz, Dennis L. Confer

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

696 Scopus citations


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