Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting: A Systematic Review of Reviews

Jafar Ghazanfarian, Mohammad Mostafa Mohammadi, Kenji Uchino

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In the last decade, an enormous amount of attention has been paid to piezoelectric harvesters due to their flexibility in design and the increasing need for small-scale energy generation. As a result, various energy review papers have been presented by many researchers to cover different aspects of piezoelectric-based energy harvesting, including piezo-materials, modeling approaches, and design points for various applications. Most of these papers have tried to shed light on recent progress in related interdisciplinary fields, and to pave the road for future prospects in the development of these technologies. However, there are some missing parts, overlaps, and even some contradictions in these review papers. In the present review of these review articles, recommendations for future research directions suggested by the review papers have been systematically summed up under one umbrella. In the final section, topics for missing review papers, concluding remarks on outlooks and possible research topics, as well as potentially misleading strategies, have been presented. The review papers have been evaluated based on their merits and subcategories and the authors’ choice papers have been presented for each section based on clear classification criteria.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number312
Issue number12
StatePublished - Dec 2021

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  • Control and Systems Engineering
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