Pion cloud and sea quark flavor asymmetry in the impact parameter representation

M. Strikman, C. Weiss

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We study large-distance contributions to the nucleon parton densities in the transverse coordinate (impact parameter) representation based on generalized parton distributions (GPDs). Chiral dynamics generates a distinct component of the partonic structure, located at momentum fractions x≲ M πMN and transverse distances b ∼ 1/M π. We analyze the phenomenological "pion cloud" model of the flavor asymmetry d̄(x)-ū(x) and quantify what fraction of the calculated asymmetry results from the universal large-distance region. We show that in this model the region b > bcore ≈ 0.55 fm (the transverse "quark core" radius estimated from the nucleon's axial charge radius) produces only ∼30% of the asymmetry measured in the FNAL E866 experiment at x ∼01. Our findings indicate that the asymmetry originates mostly from the "quark core" at small transverse distances.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalProceedings of Science
StatePublished - 2008
EventLight Cone 2008 on Relativistic Nuclear and Particle Physics, LC 2008 - Mulhouse, France
Duration: Jul 7 2008Jul 11 2008

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