Plant enzymes in resistance to insects

Sean S. Duffey, Gary W. Felton

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During the last several decades, traditional approaches to host-plant resistance have shown that a number of plant natural products act as constitutive bases of resistance against insects. More recently, it has been realized that plant resistance against insects also consists of inducible and dynamic elements triggered by insect-feeding damage. These inducible elements of resistance have been found to be both plant enzymes and their end-products. The potential use of such enzymes and their products as bases of resistance against insects is discussed.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)289-313
Number of pages25
JournalACS Symposium Series
Issue number389
StatePublished - 1989
EventThird Chemical Congress of North America (195th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society) - Biocatalysis in Agricultural Biotechnology - Toronto, Ont, Can
Duration: Jun 5 1988Jun 11 1988

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  • General Chemistry
  • General Chemical Engineering


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