Polymer-Based Dielectrics with High Energy Storage Density

Qin Chen, Yang Shen, Shihai Zhang, Qiming Zhang

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Polymer film capacitors are critical components in many high-power electrical systems. Because of the low energy density of conventional polymer dielectrics, these capacitors currently occupy significant volume in the entire electrical system. This article reviews recent progress made in the development of polymer dielectrics with high energy storage density, which can potentially lead to significant weight and volume reduction in polymer film capacitors. The increase in energy density is achieved through two approaches, namely (a) the development of novel polymers with high electric polarization and optimized dielectric responses and (b) the development of nanocomposites containing polymer matrixes with high breakdown strength and inorganic nanofillers with high polarization. Promising progress has been made through both strategies, resulting in a maximum energy density of >30 Jcm3, which is at least 5 times higher than those of conventional polymer dielectrics. The state-of-the-art manufacturing method for low-cost, high-throughput production of polymer films is also reviewed.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)433-458
Number of pages26
JournalAnnual Review of Materials Research
StatePublished - Jul 1 2015

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  • General Materials Science


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