Prediction of Interactional Aerodynamic Noise of Propellers and Wing Using High-Fidelity CFD

Nikos Trembois, Ethan Brown, Seongkyu Lee, Tyler Ramsarran, Kenneth S. Brentner

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This study aims to enhance the understanding of the upstream-downstream interaction between propellers and wings in terms of their acoustic impact using high-fidelity simulations. By comparing the high-fidelity CFD results with medium-fidelity results obtained using a viscous vortex particle method, the validity of each model assessed with respect to experimental data. The research focuses on a propeller placed upstream of a wing, with the wing positioned at various horizontal and vertical offsets to evaluate the sensitivity of noise to wing placement. The isolated propeller thrust is found to match well with the experimental data. However, when the wing is present, the thrust is over-predicted compared to the experimental data. The pressure coefficient and its root-mean-square (RMS) values are used to evaluate the wing aerodynamics. The RMS of the pressure coefficient reveals significant unsteady loading near the wing leading edge due to the interactional effect between the propeller and the wing. In terms of noise prediction, the isolated propeller noise is well predicted in both high-fidelity and medium-fidelity simulations, but marginal improvement is observed in the high-fidelity simulations. When the wing is present, the wing loading noise exceeds the propeller loading noise, particularly in closer proximity to the propeller. It is found that the vertical offset of the wing relative to the propeller has a more significant influence on the noise produced at the blade passing frequencies compared to the horizontal offset. As the leading edge of the wing approaches the blade tip at Ψ = 0, noise levels increase. Finally, the directivity of the noise is compared with experimental data for the propeller and wing configuration. The predictions do not agree as well with the experimental data as desired, possibly due to the over-prediction of propeller thrust, the associated inaccuracies in the phase of the wing noise, and the acoustic shielding by the wing.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationFORUM 2023 - Vertical Flight Society 79th Annual Forum and Technology Display
PublisherVertical Flight Society
ISBN (Electronic)9781713874799
StatePublished - 2023
Event79th Vertical Flight Society Annual Forum and Technology Display, FORUM 2023 - West Palm Beach, United States
Duration: May 16 2023May 18 2023

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NameFORUM 2023 - Vertical Flight Society 79th Annual Forum and Technology Display


Conference79th Vertical Flight Society Annual Forum and Technology Display, FORUM 2023
Country/TerritoryUnited States
CityWest Palm Beach

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