QRAC-the-Code: A Comprehension Monitoring Strategy for Middle School Social Studies Textbooks

Sheri Berkeley, Paul J. Riccomini

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Requirements for reading and ascertaining information from text increase as students advance through the educational system, especially in content-rich classes; hence, monitoring comprehension is especially important. However, this is a particularly challenging skill for many students who struggle with reading comprehension, including students with learning disabilities. A randomized pre-post experimental design was employed to investigate the effectiveness of a comprehension monitoring strategy (QRAC-the-Code) for improving the reading comprehension of 323 students in Grades 6 and 7 in inclusive social studies classes. Findings indicated that both general education students and students with learning disabilities who were taught a simple comprehension monitoring strategy improved their comprehension of textbook content compared to students who read independently and noted important points. In addition, students in the comprehension monitoring condition reported using more reading strategies after the intervention. Implications for research and practice are discussed.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)154-165
Number of pages12
JournalJournal of Learning Disabilities
Issue number2
StatePublished - Mar 2013

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