Science of the earth, climate and energy

Milton W. Cole, Angela D. Lueking, David L. Goodstein

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Whether on personal health, politics, or climate change, we are constantly bombarded with more numerous ‘breaking news’ articles than we have time for. In such an environment, how can we tell which to read, or which is even true. Science of the Earth, Climate and Energy helps readers understand major issues that affect us individually and the world as a whole. In language that a non-scientist can follow easily, the book first explains the general principles of science, its nature and how it works, with a certain degree of emphasis on the meaning of the words “uncertainty” and “fact, before it goes into the related topics of the earth, its climate and energy sources at a level that does not require a background in science. Finally, the book addresses what individuals and societies can do to mitigate problems associated with both climate change and limited resources.

Original languageEnglish (US)
PublisherWorld Scientific Publishing Co. Pte Ltd
Number of pages562
ISBN (Electronic)9789813233621
ISBN (Print)9789813233614
StatePublished - Jan 1 2018

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  • Environmental Science(all)
  • Energy(all)


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