Serological analysis of H-2 and Ia molecules with monoclonal antibodies

Jan Klein, Huei Jen S. Huang, Hilmar Lemke, Günter J. Hämmerling, Ulrich Hämmerling

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Five H-2 and seven Ia monoclonal antibodies were tested against a panel of 43 independent H-2 haplotypes (11 of laboratory-mouse and 32 of wild-mouse origin), 33 recombinant H-2 haplotypes, and up to 74 wild mice. All the antibodies gave negative reactions in the PVP hemagglutination tests; all, however, gave positive reaction with some members of the panel in the dye-exclusion cytotoxic test. Four of the antibodies (H-2.m2,Ia.m2, Ia.m5 and Ia.m7) reacted identically to conventional antibodies detecting determinants H-2.2., and Ia-1.2, Ia-1.15, and Ia-5.7, respectively (this statement does not apply to wild mice in which minor differences in reactivity patterns of the corresponding antibodies were found: the reproducibility of these differences, however, could not be checked by absorption). Five other antibodies (H-2.m5, H-2.m3, H-2.m4,, and Ia.m6) had very similar though not identical reactivity patterns to conventional antibodies detecting determinants H-2.5, H-2.11, H-2.25, Ia-1.2, and Ia-1.19, respectively. The last three monoclonal antibodies (, Ia.m3, and Ia.m4) had a reactivity pattern that did not match those of any known conventional antibodies. The near identity or great similarity of many monoclonal and conventional antibodies indicates that the "cleanest" of the conventional antisera are truly monospecific, and gives credence to the H-2 serology as defined by conventional antibodies. The serological analysis of monoclonal antibodies supports the true existence of private and public determinants, and reveals that the H-2 and Ia determinants are complex, even when the antibody is simple.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)419-432
Number of pages14
Issue number1
StatePublished - Dec 1979

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  • Genetics


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