Solution-processed transparent p-type orthorhombic K doped SnO films and their application in a phototransistor

Li Qin, Shuoguo Yuan, Zequn Chen, Xue Bai, Jianmei Xu, Ling Zhao, Wei Zhou, Qing Wang, Jingjing Chang, Jian Sun

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The exploitation of p-type oxide semiconductors with excellent optoelectrical properties as well as a simple preparation process is still challenging owing to the difficulty in producing hole carriers which results from strong hole localization in p-type oxide semiconductors. In this work, we succeeded in using ethylene glycol as a reductant to prepare orthorhombic structure SnO films using a sol-gel method and through K doping the optical and electrical properties of the films were improved. When the orthorhombic K doped SnO (K-SnO) films were applied in a phototransistor, it presented ultra-broadband photosensing from the ultraviolet to infrared region (300-1000 nm), demonstrating a photoresponsivity of 349 A W−1 and a detectivity of 5.45 × 1012 Jones at 900 nm under a light intensity of 0.00471 mW cm−2. In particular, infrared photosensing was for the first time reported in the SnO based phototransistors. This work not only provides a simple method to fabricate high-performance and low-cost p-type K-SnO films and phototransistors, but may also suggest a new way to improve the p-type characteristics of other oxide semiconductors and devices.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)13763-13770
Number of pages8
Issue number37
StatePublished - Aug 25 2022

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