Space tethers

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ES2, the second Young Engineers' Satellite developed and built for ESA by Delta-Utec Space in the Netherlands, has demonstrated the SpaceMail concept, with a swinging-tether-assisted sample return capability. Tethers Unlimited's Multi-Application Survivable Tether experiment was launched in April 2007, consisted of three picosatellites designed to deploy a tether on orbit and investigate the effects of the space environment on space tether structures and materials. Tethers Unlimited has is also working on its integrated structural electrodynamics propulsion concept, funded by the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts. The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is also working with NASA Marshall on the foldaway flat tether deployment system, Fortissimo, which aims to deploy tether in space and test electrodynamics tether deceleration on a suborbital platform.

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