Spatio-Spectral Radar Beampattern Design for Coexistence with Wireless Communication Systems

Bosung Kang, Omar Aldayel, Vishal Monga, Muralidhar Rangaswamy

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We address the problem of designing a transmit beampattern for multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) radar considering coexistence with wireless communication systems. The designed beampattern is able to manage the transmit energy in spatial directions as well as in spectral frequency bands of interest by minimizing the deviation of the designed beampattern versus a desired one under a spectral constraint as well as the constant modulus constraint. While unconstrained beampattern design is straightforward, a key open challenge is jointly enforcing the spectral constraint in addition to the constant modulus constraint on the radar waveform. A new approach is proposed in this paper, which involves solving a sequence of constrained quadratic programs such that constant modulus is achieved at convergence. Furthermore, we show that each problem in the sequence has a closed form solution leading to analytical tractability. We evaluate the proposed beampattern with interference control (BIC) algorithm against the state-of-the-art MIMO beampattern design techniques and show that BIC achieves closeness to an idealized beampattern along with desired spectral shaping.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number8429253
Pages (from-to)644-657
Number of pages14
JournalIEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems
Issue number2
StatePublished - Apr 2019

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  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering


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