Study of muons from the direction of Cygnus X-3 using an underground proportional-tube array

J. A. Kochocki, W. W.M. Allison, G. J. Alner, I. Ambats, D. S. Ayres, L. J. Balka, G. D. Barr, W. L. Barrett, D. Benjamin, P. Border, C. B. Brooks, J. H. Cobb, D. J.A. Cockerill, K. Coover, H. Courant, B. Dahlin, U. Dasgupta, J. W. Dawson, V. W. Edwards, T. H. FieldsL. M. Kirby-Gallagher, C. Garcia-Garcia, R. H. Giles, M. C. Goodman, K. Heller, S. Heppelman, N. Hill, J. H. Hoftiezer, D. J. Jankowski, K. Johns, T. Joyce, T. Kafka, P. J. Litchfield, F. V. Lopez, M. Lowe, W. A. Mann, M. L. Marshak, E. N. May, L. McMaster, R. H. Milburn, W. Miller, A. Napier, W. P. Oliver, G. F. Pearce, D. H. Perkins, E. A. Peterson, L. E. Price, D. Roback, D. B. Rosen, K. Ruddick, B. Saitta, J. L. Schlereth, D. Schmid, J. Schneps, P. D. Shield, M. Shupe, N. Sundaralingam, M. A. Thomson, J. L. Thron, S. Werkema, N. West

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From July 1987 through March 1988 an array of proportional wire modules was operated as a muon detector at a depth of 2090 meters water equivalent in the Soudan mine in northern Minnesota. A spatial angular resolution of 1.2°was achieved for muon tracking. A clean sample of 1.02×105 muon trajectories recorded underground is used to search for an excess flux of muons from the direction of Cygnus X-3. For muons within the phase interval [0.6, 0.9] of the source's 4.8-h period, 90%-C.L. upper limits for fluxes arriving within 3°and 1.5°half-angle cones centered on the Cygnus X-3 direction are 8.5×1011 cm-2s-1 and 3.1×10-11 cm-2s-1, respectively.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2967-2973
Number of pages7
JournalPhysical Review D
Issue number9
StatePublished - 1990

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics


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