Study on the AlN/Si(1 1 1) interface properties

D. J. Xi, Y. D. Zheng, P. Chen, R. M. Chu, S. L. Gu, B. Shen, R. Zhang

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In this paper, Al/AlN/Si(111) metal-insulator-semiconductor (MIS) structure has been fabricated and their interfacial properties have been investigated using capacitance-voltage techniques. The dielectric constant of AlN was found to vary from 5.01 to 8.67 with the frequency decreasing from 1 MHz to 50 Hz due to the existance of a transition zone between AlN and Si substrate which is not forbidden to the electronics. The distribution of the interface states in the interface was extracted from the frequency-dependent capacitance-voltage characteristics of the MIS structure. The interface state density Dit in the silicon forbidden band gap was in the order of 1012 eV-1 cm-2 and the time constant was about 10-5 s through analyzing the capacitance as a function of frequency.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)143-146
Number of pages4
JournalOptical Materials
Issue number1-2
StatePublished - 2003
EventProceedings of the 8th ICEM 2002 - XI'an, China
Duration: Jun 10 2002Jun 14 2002

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