Susceptibility-weighted imaging of retinal hemorrhages in abusive head trauma

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Background: Retinal hemorrhages are one of the most important supportive evidences for abusive head trauma (AHT). Susceptibility-weighted imaging (SWI) is highly suited to identify various forms of intracranial hemorrhage in AHT. However its utility in imaging retinal hemorrhage is not well established. Objective: SWI is a sensitive sequence for identifying retinal hemorrhage on MRI. Materials and methods: In this retrospective analysis, 26 consecutive infants and young children with a suspected admission diagnosis of AHT underwent indirect ophthalmoscopy and brain MRI protocol for AHT along with SWI. Brain susceptibility-weighted images of 14 age-matched children were used as controls. For detecting retinal hemorrhage, susceptibility-weighted images of patients and controls were reviewed randomly and independently by two neuroradiologists who were blinded to the history and ophthalmology findings. A pediatric ophthalmologist graded the indirect ophthalmoscopy images. Results: A diagnosis of AHT was confirmed in all 26 cases from a multidisciplinary meeting. Indirect ophthalmoscopy images were available in 21 cases. Ophthalmoscopy was positive for retinal hemorrhage in the right eye in 18 cases (85.7%) and in the left eye in 16 cases (76.2%). On SWI, retinal hemorrhage was identified in the right eye in 9/21 cases (42.8%) and in the left eye in 8/21 cases (38.1%) of AHT. Analysis of SWI in 21 cases of AHT demonstrated a sensitivity of 50%, specificity of 100%, positive predictive value of 100% and negative predictive value of 32% for detecting retinal hemorrhage. Conclusion: SWI is moderately sensitive and highly specific for identifying retinal hemorrhage in AHT. Further studies are needed to identify steps to improve the efficiency of SWI in detecting retinal hemorrhage.

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StatePublished - Feb 7 2019

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