Swift X-ray telescope observations of galactic transients

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The Swift Gamma Ray Burst Explorer is a multi wavelength satellite mission dedicated to detection and follow-up of Gamma-Ray Bursts. Swift is comprised of three instruments, a Gamma-Ray detector (BAT), X-ray telescope (XRT) and UV/Optical telescope (UVOT). Swift is able to react with a fast response to both on-board detected transient events, and events discovered by other missions. This rapid response capability makes it an excellent platform for performing time-critical X-ray transients. The Swift X-Ray Telescope (XRT) is able to perform imaging observations of X-ray transients and obtain localizations to ∼3.5 arc-second accuracy, aiding optical identification with ground based optical and IR follow-ups. We present an account of the operations of the Swift telescope in response to X-ray transients, particularly focusing on XRT observations, and present some results of X-ray monitoring of X-ray Transients with the XRT.

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StatePublished - Dec 1 2006
EventTHE TRANSIENT MILKY WAY: A Perspective for Mirax - Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil
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OtherTHE TRANSIENT MILKY WAY: A Perspective for Mirax
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