Teacher Leadership in Cross-National Perspective

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Teacher leadership is a relatively new field of academic study in the USA (Wenner and Campbell, Review of Educational Research 87:134–171, 2017). However, teachers have occupied leadership roles in schools around the world, and teacher organizations have affected the historical development of national school systems (Duke, Japan’s militant teachers, The University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu, 1973). A cross-national review of teachers’ roles as leaders suggests there are systems where movement into leadership is normalized as part of the teacher’s career development pathway, and others where school leadership is restricted to special classes of administrators. But, we must also consider the role that teachers have played as community activists and in social movements (e.g., the US Civil Rights Movement or the Landless Workers’ Movement in Brazil). We must also consider how teacher organizations have played a role in affecting national policies and educational reforms, including theories of how national policy cultures include or exclude teacher input on national educational matters.

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