The city to come: Critical urban theory as utopian mapping

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Critical urban theory is a reflexive project with practical intent that engages our present situation in order to map humane paths to the future. At the heart of critical urban theory is the critique of the actually existing city and the unmasking of the ways in which its topogra- phy has been the result of different economic, political, social and cultural processes that are neither ad hoc nor inevitable. As a deconstructive/constructive project, critical urban theory can be considered as the tracing of a utopian map aiming at the city to come. Critical urban theory should be considered as the invocation of the city that is to come-the dwelling of the properly realized humanity. This city to come is configured as the topos where humans may fashion their humanity in accordance with their freedom-the contours of such a city are traced by the proclamation of the right to the city, which is to be understand as the right to have rights.

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