The economics of American theatrical movie exports: An empirical analysis

Krishna P. Jayakar, David Waterman

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Consistent with predictions of an economic model of international trade in media products, we show that in countries that have relatively high consumer spending on movies - notably the United States - domestically produced movies account for relatively large shares of theater box office receipts. We also find that American-produced movies account for relatively small market shares of the box office in high movie-spending foreign countries. We also find that English language fluency, or a dummy variable for non-U.S. countries whose native language is English, generally has an insignificant or marginally significant effect on these results.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)153-169
Number of pages17
JournalJournal of Media Economics
Issue number3
StatePublished - 2000

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  • Communication
  • Economics and Econometrics


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