The Future of Organization Development Interventions

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The transformation from timebound jobs to results-based tasks and projects will be accompanied by creative efforts of organizations to minimize the amount of human contact that will be necessary. In short, there will be a move away from thinking of filling job vacancies to find creative approaches to get the work done. The creative potential of large groups will be tapped by applying crowdsourcing logic to solving organizational problems or leveraging organizational strengths. Organization Development (OD) principles will be combined with technology applications to reach optimal decisions across very large groups quickly. Organizations will need to establish policies and procedures to deal with abuses of telework in the future, and OD practitioners will be needed to facilitate change by using those policies and procedures. OD will also be needed to facilitate the long-term change needed to reduce racial tensions and sexual harassment.

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Title of host publicationOrganization Development Interventions
Subtitle of host publicationExecuting Effective Organizational Change
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2021

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