The importance of trees and nature in community: A review of the relative literature

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A growing body of literature and experience revolves around the beneficial and connected relationships among nature, social settings, and social processes like interaction. This literature argues that the natural environment is a critical component of personal and community pride and well-being and a stimulus for collaborative action. Furthermore, it argues that empowering people to become involved in the process of landscape and park creation and maintenance increases social interaction, builds community capacity, and supports both development of community and community. Tree plantings and other civic environmental projects can be used to promote both healthy environments and healthy social structure even in the most deteriorated neighborhoods. As such, participatory environmental projects are strong tools of community development, and the work of arborists and urban foresters can play an important part in the process of community.

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JournalArboriculture and Urban Forestry
Issue number3
StatePublished - May 1 2008

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