The incredible story of the QH-50 DASH the first unmanned helicopter turns 50

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The development and deployment process of the QH-50 DASH over several years is presented. Peter J. Papadakos, the founder of the QH-50, consolidated Bendix assets and leased a hangar in Massapequa, New York and converted the 5-seat Model J into the Gyrodyne GCA-2B compound helicopter. The non-compound Model 2C was developed, and, eventually, a miniaturized version, Rotorcycle, was also developed. The turbine-powered QH-50 allowed the Navy to extend the guarded perimeter of its ships from the growing fleet of Soviet fast-attack submarines, which numbered over 300 by the mid-1950. The QH-50 'Snoopy' was loaded with real-time television cameras, transmitters and transponders. The configuration made it useful for replacing Marine recon and spotter teams that were normally sent ashore. The US Army used the QH-50 extensively in Stinger and Sergeant York testing with evaluation and the US Army took control of the remaining assets and flew them in tests until May 2006.

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