The influence of religion on ties between the generations

Valarie King

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Although prior research has examined the influence of religion on a variety of family behaviors and attitudes (e.g., marital quality, divorce, parenting practices; Mahoney et al. 2001), fewer studies have empirically examined whether and how religion influences the type and quality of involvement between the generations. A recent and growing body of research, however, suggests that religion may foster more frequent and positive ties between family members. An understanding of what motivates and fosters strong ties between the generations is crucial given the importance of strong affective ties and involved parenting (Borkowski, Ramey, and Bristol-Power 2002; Pleck 1997) and grandparenting (King, Elder, and Conger 2000; Tomlin 1998) for child well-being. In addition to the positive benefits children receive, parents (Arendell 2000; Palkovitz 2002) and grandparents (Tomlin 1998) benefit from engagement in their role, deriving meaning, enjoyment, and companionship from relationships with children and grandchildren.

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Title of host publicationReligion, Families, and Health
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StatePublished - Dec 1 2010

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