The Role of International Chemists in Developing Countries and the Pre-Requisite for Their Success

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Chemistry is central to the sustenance of all lives, and all matter is nothing but a composition of chemical constituents. This makes chemistry a central science to all life sciences, and the role of chemists paramount and indispensable in removing constraints and impediments to worthwhile living. Citizens of developed counties benefit from the immense contribution from chemists in terms of chemical knowledge, processes, technology, and products. However, because of their small numbers and many impeding forces, chemists in developing countries have little impact and the overwhelming majority of living in these countries are being robbed of their lives due to abundance of diseases, malnutrition, and unhealthy environments. Chemists from developing countries can play a big role in these countries especially by improving chemical education and availability of food, safe water, and medicines. This is only possible if the chemists from developed countries are culturally competent enough to understand the needs of, and work in collaboration with, those who need the help. Good chemistry between those giving help and those receiving it is vital for a successful outcome. This chapter starts by shining light on the characteristics of chemists from developed countries by answering the question "What is a Chemist?" The second section of the chapter describes what is meant by the term "developing country". The third section presents chemical education, food and nutrition, and health problems of people living in developing countries and how chemist may help alleviate these problems. The last section challenges the chemist to become culturally competent as a pre-requisite to playing an effective role in developing countries. Only through understanding and collaborating with the people who need the help will the chemists' intentions in developing countries produce sustainable positive outcomes.

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