The Transparent and the Invisible in Professional Pedagogical Vision for Science Teaching

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Science teacher educators use examples of practice to support teacher candidates (TCs) learning to engage in new forms of science teaching. However, interpretation of these examples assumes a level of expertise about practice TCs lack. This article describes a study designed to determine some of the differences between expert teachers' and TCs' professional pedagogical vision for science teaching. Specifically, the study examines what each group attends to (highlights) in examples of science teaching and how they interpret the events they attend to (codes). Both groups were asked to analyze video of classroom science teaching. Differences were found between TCs and expert teachers in terms of both highlighting and coding of science teaching practice. Four key areas of difference are described in detail: actor focus, questions, grain size, and enactment. The implications for science teacher education are discussed, in particular a set of tools and teacher education practices to support acculturating TCs into more a sophisticated professional pedagogical vision for science teaching. This article features a Research to Practice Companion Article. Please click on the supporting information link below to access.

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