The zone-based dynamic facility layout problem

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The dynamic facility layout problem (DFLP) is to decide the locations of the departments in a facility over multiple planning periods. The main challenge in the DFLP is that there are two conflicting objectives of the problem: minimizing the material handling cost and the rearrangement cost. The cost of changing the structure of the layout over the planning horizon is also considered. Therefore, we model and solve the unequal area zone-based DFLP (ZDFLP) where the dimensions of the departments are decision variables and the departments are assigned to flexible zones with a pre-structured positioning. A zone-based block layout inherently includes possible aisle structures which can easily be adapted to the material handling system in use. This is particularly important in the DFLP because the changes in a block layout may require structural modifications in the material handling system, which in turn may be very costly. The proposed approach also considers determining relative department locations, their dimensions, as well as input/ output (I/O) points concurrently for the first time in the literature. A new matheuristic, which combines concepts from simulated annealing, variable neighbourhood search, and mixed-integer programming, is used to solve the ZDFLP with promising results.

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