Thermal Transport in Quasi-1D van der Waals Crystal Ta2Pd3Se8 Nanowires: Size and Length Dependence

Qian Zhang, Chenhan Liu, Xue Liu, Jinyu Liu, Zhiguang Cui, Yin Zhang, Lin Yang, Yang Zhao, Terry T. Xu, Yunfei Chen, Jiang Wei, Zhiqiang Mao, Deyu Li

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Van der Waals (vdW) crystals with covalently bonded building blocks assembled together through vdW interactions have attracted tremendous attention recently because of their interesting properties and promising applications. Compared to the explosive research on two-dimensional (2D) vdW materials, quasi-one-dimensional (quasi-1D) vdW crystals have received considerably less attention, while they also present rich physics and engineering implications. Here we report on the thermal conductivity of exfoliated quasi-1D Ta2Pd3Se8 vdW nanowires. Interestingly, even though the interatomic interactions along each molecular chain are much stronger than the interchain vdW interactions, the measured thermal conductivity still demonstrates a clear dependence on the cross-sectional size up to >110 nm. The results also reveal that partial ballistic phonon transport can persist over 13 μm at room temperature along the molecular chain direction, the longest experimentally observed ballistic transport distance with observable effects on thermal conductivity so far. First-principles calculations suggest that the ultralong ballistic phonon transport arises from the highly focused longitudinal phonons propagating along the molecular chains. These data help to understand phonon transport through quasi-1D vdW crystals, facilitating various applications of this class of materials.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2634-2642
Number of pages9
JournalACS nano
Issue number3
StatePublished - Mar 27 2018

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  • General Materials Science
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