Towards Human-Wildlife Coexistence in the Tarangire Ecosystem

Monica L. Bond, Derek E. Lee, Christian Kiffner

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In this final chapter we summarize the contributions to the book “Tarangire: Human-Wildlife Coexistence in a Fragmented Ecosystem.” The 15 contributed chapters analyzed conservation and livelihoods issues from anthropocentric perspectives and from the wildlife lens, and explored aspects of human-wildlife interactions in the Tarangire Ecosystem (TE). With differing topics and perspectives, each chapter contributes in its own way to our understanding of key issues and challenges in the TE. We synthesize these multi-dimensional knowledge types according to complexity features that are characteristic of coupled social-ecological systems: non-linearity and thresholds; reciprocal interactions and feedback loops; time lags and legacy effects; resilience; heterogeneity; embedment and telecoupling; vulnerability; and surprises. Several examples highlighted in the book illustrate that planning for and managing human-wildlife coexistence remains a major and complex governance challenge. Learning from mistakes and successes of the past may offer guidance for more effective ways towards coexistence between people in wildlife in the TE and elsewhere. While our place-based analysis highlights that stakeholders and scholars differ widely in their opinions about what the specific solutions should be, there is overwhelming consensus about how such solutions should be planned and implemented: by employing interdisciplinary, collaborative, and equitable approaches that ensure that both people and wildlife can thrive together in the TE.

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StatePublished - 2022

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