Ultra high energy cosmic rays The intersection of the Cosmic and Energy Frontiers

A. Coleman, J. Eser, E. Mayotte, F. Sarazin, F. G. Schröder, D. Soldin, T. M. Venters, R. Aloisio, J. Alvarez-Muñiz, R. Alves Batista, D. Bergman, M. Bertaina, L. Caccianiga, O. Deligny, H. P. Dembinski, P. B. Denton, A. di Matteo, N. Globus, J. Glombitza, G. GolupA. Haungs, J. R. Hörandel, T. R. Jaffe, J. L. Kelley, J. F. Krizmanic, L. Lu, J. N. Matthews, I. Mariş, R. Mussa, F. Oikonomou, T. Pierog, E. Santos, P. Tinyakov, Y. Tsunesada, M. Unger, A. Yushkov, M. G. Albrow, L. A. Anchordoqui, K. Andeen, E. Arnone, D. Barghini, E. Bechtol, J. A. Bellido, M. Casolino, A. Castellina, L. Cazon, R. Conceição, R. Cremonini, H. Dujmovic, R. Engel, G. Farrar, F. Fenu, S. Ferrarese, T. Fujii, D. Gardiol, M. Gritsevich, P. Homola, T. Huege, K. H. Kampert, D. Kang, E. Kido, P. Klimov, K. Kotera, B. Kozelov, A. Leszczyńska, J. Madsen, L. Marcelli, M. Marisaldi, O. Martineau-Huynh, S. Mayotte, K. Mulrey, K. Murase, M. S. Muzio, S. Ogio, A. V. Olinto, Y. Onel, T. Paul, L. Piotrowski, M. Plum, B. Pont, M. Reininghaus, B. Riedel, F. Riehn, M. Roth, T. Sako, F. Schlüter, D. H. Shoemaker, J. Sidhu, I. Sidelnik, C. Timmermans, O. Tkachenko, D. Veberic, S. Verpoest, V. Verzi, J. Vícha, D. Winn, E. Zas, M. Zotov

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The present white paper is submitted as part of the “Snowmass” process to help inform the long-term plans of the United States Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation for high-energy physics. It summarizes the science questions driving the Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic-Ray (UHECR) community and provides recommendations on the strategy to answer them in the next two decades.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number102794
JournalAstroparticle Physics
StatePublished - May 2023

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  • Astronomy and Astrophysics


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