Universal behavior of changes in elastic moduli of hot compressed oxide glasses

Mouritz N. Svenson, Michael Guerette, Liping Huang, Nadja Lönnroth, John C. Mauro, Sylwester J. Rzoska, Michal Bockowski, Morten M. Smedskjaer

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The elastic moduli of glasses are important for numerous applications, but predicting them based on their chemical composition and forming history remains a great challenge. In this study, we investigate the relationship between densification and changes in elastic moduli as a result of isostatic compression up to 1 GPa of various oxide compositions at elevated temperature (so-called hot compression). An approximately linear relationship is observed between the relative changes in density and elastic moduli across a variety of glass families, although these glasses exhibit a diverse range of structural responses during compression owing to their dramatically different chemistries.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)88-91
Number of pages4
JournalChemical Physics Letters
StatePublished - May 1 2016

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  • Physics and Astronomy(all)
  • Physical and Theoretical Chemistry


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