Wave propagation and wavefield reconstruction in viscoelastic media

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This paper discusses the decoupled attenuation property of the viscoelastic wave equation. Because of the decoupling, wave propagation can be simulated in three scenarios: only amplitude loss effect, only phase dispersion effect, or both effects, which brings practical convenience, especially seismic inverse problems. Wavefield reconstruction can be accomplished simply by reversing the signs of both the P- and S-wave loss operators. Therefore, attenuation effects are thus compensated for during back-propagation. Several numerical examples are used to demonstrate the advantages of the decoupled attenuation property in both viscoelastic wave propagation and wave-field reconstruction.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)3972-3976
Number of pages5
JournalSEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts
StatePublished - 2015
EventSEG New Orleans Annual Meeting, SEG 2015 - New Orleans, United States
Duration: Oct 18 2011Oct 23 2011

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